Durant: Career politicians are a scourge on our country

By Mike Durant April 29, 2022


As a first-time candidate, I came in with a set of expectations about the challenges I might face running to serve Alabama in the United States Senate. With a month to go before the primary, much of what I thought about this process was true, but there were some revelations that revolted even an optimist like me.

Career politicians and the political class that surround them cannot be trusted and most are in it purely for themselves. Running for office takes a fraction of the skill it took to do what I did in the military and in business but because you have to deal with so many bottom-feeders and self-obsessed power-hungry people, great people who would otherwise make great candidates choose to stay away instead of joining the fight to drain the swamp.

We need new leaders with vision about what needs to get done to take us in a new direction and right now there are few people willing to join the fight because of the corrupt practices that are all too common among the ruling political establishment. I always knew the media and the permanent political class was out to destroy President Trump, but now I understand it at a totally different level. Now that I’m running, I see what incredible liars many of them are. Gone are the days of fair and honest reporting or public service as a means of giving back.

Take former “Congressman” Parker Griffith, who was given air-time to claim that I suffer from PTSD because I served our country. Are you kidding me? Griffith is attacking all of our veterans when he says something so reprehensible. Yet, Congressman Mo Brooks and chief of staff Katie Boyd Britt were happy to sit by while Griffith attacked the honor of the men and women who serve our country and come home and get back to work. Why? Because that’s politics. That’s how it “works.”

It’s no wonder we don’t trust the majority of people who hold or are running for political office. It’s truly unfortunate that we view public officials this way. But in so many cases – it’s deserved.

And it’s why the fight is so important – it’s why I stood up to serve “One More Tour” as I call it, to go to Washington, kick some tail, and come back home having made a difference for our state.

I am a Christian conservative who served my country for 22 years, sacrificed everything on the battlefield, raised a family, and created and ran a successful business that employs over 500 people. I’ve lived the values that make our state a wonderful place to raise a family and build a business. But of course, the shady political players have decided to aim their sights on me because I’m not their chosen one and they know they will never control me.

I have said for years that in any transition, it is the power brokers with the most to lose who resist change the most. It’s clear now that they fear losing the control they have had for years when I win this seat. I’m more qualified and have a proven record of service, but rather than let the people decide, the big money players with the big egos saturate the market with attack ads with ridiculous accusations about my character to try to sway public opinion.

In spite of all this, I’m honored to have the opportunity to run for this seat and will never stop fighting in spite of the challenges thrown my way. For someone like me, the chance to serve in this capacity could only happen in America and I thank God every day that I live here in the great state of Alabama.

Mike Durant is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama

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On October 3rd, 1993, during combat Operation Gothic Serpent in Mogadishu Somalia, “Super Six Four,” the Blackhawk helicopter flown by Mike Durant, was hit by an RPG and crashed in the city.

Mike and and his crew, Ray Frank, Bill Cleveland, and Tommy Field, all badly injured, fought for their lives as a violent mob approached. Witnessing what was about to happen from above, two members of the elite Special Operations unit Delta Force – MSG Gary Gordon and SFC Randy Shughart – volunteered to be inserted to defend them. They too were eventually overcome by the mob.

But Mike Durant, somehow survived, was captured and held as a POW by Somali General Mohamed Farrah Aidid.

The heroic actions of Gordon and Shughart – who were both posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor – are the reason Mike is alive today. Mike has seen sacrifice – fellow service members who put honor, country, and mission above all else. He knows firsthand that the United States leaves no one behind.

While in captivity, Mike heard the voice and promise of Dan Jollota broadcast from the sky:

“Mike Durant, we will not leave without you.”

Now, Mike is signing up for one more tour of duty to serve his country and Alabama in the United States Senate.

He’s watched as the Biden administration has deserted these core principles – abandoning our allies, along with American citizens, in Afghanistan; cowering to the influence of the Chinese as they evade responsibility for the Wuhan Virus; and letting the radical left open our borders and try and re-define the essence of what America stands for through misguided and distorted revisions of our history like “critical race theory”.

Mike believes that President Trump was the first President in his lifetime who always pushed for policies that put America first. That’s because he knows that America is more than just a country – it is a beacon of hope and freedom for the entire world.

President Trump knew it, Mike Durant lived it. And he will carry that vision forward in the U.S. Senate.

Mike Durant was released from captivity in Somalia after 11 days. He would later write a book titled In the Company of Heroes, about his experience on that mission in Somalia and the many other missions he participated in during his career. He also wrote The Night Stalkers, about the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) in which he served.

After retiring from the Army with 22 years of active-duty service, Mike moved to Alabama with his family to start a new chapter in his life. He started and grew a highly successful business – Pinnacle Solutions, an engineering and services company based in Huntsville.

In thirteen years, Pinnacle has grown from a home office-based startup to over 500 employees and more than 175 subcontractor personnel operating in sixteen US and international locations with major prime and subcontract efforts supporting the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, NASA and the U.S. Special Operations Command.

Mike has a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Aeronautics and a Master of Business Administration in Aviation degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Mike’s military awards include the Distinguished Service Medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross with oak leaf cluster, Bronze Star with Valor device, Purple Heart, Meritorious Service Medal, three Air Medals, one with Valor device, the POW/MIA ribbon, the Army Commendation Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters, and numerous other awards.

He and his wife Lisa (also an Army Aviator) reside in Huntsville and have a family of six children, four boys and two girls, three grandchildren and a fourth on the way.